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About NFS

National Forensic Service (Headquarters)

Directory of departments

Directory of departments
Forensic DNA
  • - Analyze evidence from violent crimes, car accidents and sex crime scenes/Contrastive analysis of arrested suspect’s/search target’s DNA profiles
  • - Identification of unidentified bodies and work related to forensic biology
  • - DNA Database management
  • - Confirming family relationship of missing children, independence patriots’ descendants
TEL : 033-902-5718
FAX : 033-902-5941
Forensic Toxicology
  • - Analysis and research on drugs toxicants and toxins in the samples derived from autopsy and associated criminal cases
  • - Analysis and research on harmful or insanitary foods
  • - Analysis and research on narcotics
TEL : 033-902-5414
FAX : 033-902-5931
Forensic Chemistry
  • - Chemical analysis and research on fingerprints using stable isotopes, trace elements and analysis of other elements
  • - Analysis and research on trace materials such as fiber, resin, paint, concrete, etc.
  • - Analysis and research on blood alcohol using blood samples from traffic accidents and drunk driving checks
  • - Analysis and research on flammable substances using combustion residue and organic solvents
  • - Analysis and research on hazardous chemical materials including acids, bases and heavy metals
TEL : 033-902-5513
FAX : 033-902-5528
Forensic Safety
  • - Investigation and research on the safety accidents
  • - Investigation and research on fires and explosions
  • - Investigation and research on the evidence and type of blood stain
  • - Investigation and research on the guns and explosives
TEL : 033-902-5552
FAX : 033-902-5934
Digital Technology and
Biometry Division
  • - Analysis and research on multimedia and digital evidence such as CCTV and photos
  • - Analysis and research on bio-recognition technology such as ability to distinguish between peoples in videos and images
  • - Analysis and research of documents including handwriting, stamp image, forgery and false currency
  • - Remotely-controlled CSI lab (U-forensics Lab) for request/analysis of digital evidence
  • - Speaker recognition by handwriting/ editing status of recorded media / improving sound quality / restoring modulated sound / analysis of surrounding sound and mechanical sound and analysis and research on sound from a acoustics point of view
TEL : 033-902-5328
FAX : 033-902-5921
Traffic Accident Analysis
  • - Reconstruction simulation for vehicle accidents and analysis of vehicle defect
  • - Identification of hit-and-run vehicles, analysis of articles left at the crime scene, identifying plate numbers
  • - Body movement analysis: front and rear collision, side impact, passenger movement interpretation
  • - Analysis of insurance crimes and accidents involving aircrafts, ships and railways
TEL : 033-902-5630
FAX : 033-902-5935
Psychological Forensic
  • - Analysis and research on the validity of the testimony (Polygraph, brain wave, validity analysis, etc.)
  • - Psychological evaluation and research on the criminal and victim’s mentality, perception, personality and danger of second crime
  • - Analysis and research on the witness’s memory (Forensic hypnosis, drawing a montage of the criminal)
  • - Analysis and research on crimes (Profiling)
TEL : 033-902-5350
FAX : 033-902-5923
Medical Examiner’s office
  • - Autopsy, postmortem inspection, forensic pathology, forensic odontology
  • - Autopsy analysis, forensics research and office work, analysis of type of death and other matters
TEL : 033-902-5216
FAX : 033-902-5911
General Service Division
  • - HR, work management and office work, welfare and benefits
  • - Hiring, receiving articles for analysis, access control
  • - Handling and settling of accounts, building management and management of work environment
TEL : 033-902-5125
FAX : 033-902-5905
Research Planning and
Coordination Division
  • - Planning, Organization, Budget, Informatization
  • - Research and development, field trips, training, MOU
  • - Quality management (KOLAS, etc.), performance management
TEL : 033-902-5064
FAX : 033-902-5903