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The NFS has been recognized as an internationally-accredited KOLAS Proficiency Testing Center on May 17, 2012 according to the KS Q ISO/IEC 17043 accreditation requirements and Proficiency Testing Center accreditation system operation guidelines. Through this, the NFS has been playing a pivotal role as a national forensic science testing center by realizing customer satisfaction through enhancement of the consumer-centered high quality analysis system and by securing credibility through provision of analysis services according to the internationally acceptable assessment system.

Accredited Area: Testing

Property Item/Matrix Proficiency Testing Scheme
Forensic Biology Biological specimen DNA Profiling
Questioned Documents Documents Document Seal Identification
Document Authentication
Illicit Drug Biological specimen Analysis of illicit drugs in urine, hair
What is a KOLAS Proficiency Testing Center?

Design and implementation of proficiency testing programs after securing the standard substances to confirm and verify the competence of the tester and the testing laboratory for the specific field