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About NFS

Code of Ethics

The mission of examiners in the NFS is the realization of social justice through scientific examinations for truth.
In order to meet the expectation of citizens and trust with noble pride and enthusiasm, we strengthen our attitude and state of mind for performing examinations as follows:

  • 01We seek only scientific truth.
  • 01In our work, we keep our dignity as government officials and have a clear conscience as scientists.
  • 01We perform the analysis work with honesty and candor and reject any internal or external intervention.
  • 01We respect our colleague examiners and work hand-in-hand.
  • 01As the leader of scientific investigations, we endeavor to build the best scientific analysis infrastructure.
  • 01We provide accurate and speedy analysis to customers with a kind heart.

Oath of NFS Personnel

In order to remain professional as public officers who study analysis on human life, follow conscience as examiners, and fulfil the responsibility as researchers, we as NFS personnel, reveal our behavioral indices and put the following into practice:

  • 1. We will always be proud NFS personnel who only love truth anywhere and anytime.
  • 2. We will develop ourselves with tenacity and sincerity and become NFS personnel with our own beliefs.
  • 3. We will become NFS personnel who have a will to render justice with true conscience and honesty.
  • 4. We will become responsible NFS personnel who are dedicated to research on analysis technology with a persistent commitment and a strong sense of mission.