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National Forensic Service Daejeon Institute

[34054] 1524, Yuseong-daero, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea +82-42-866-4500

Welcome to the National Forensic Service Daejeon Institute. The Daejeon Institute was established on September 5, 2000 in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon in order to perform research and education on scientific analysis and analysis techniques to identify the cause of crimes and various incidents and accidents occurring in the central region. It is contributing to the stability of the community and establishment of a scientific investigation system by building a rapid cooperation system with investigative agencies for criminal investigations.

Organization Chart
Organization: 4 divisions 5 offices / capacity 32 persons
Research Director
  • Operation Support
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry
  • Engineering
Business Information

Examinations and interpretations necessary for criminal investigations and identification of the cause of incidents and accidents, as well as engage in various research, analysis and training for scientific criminal investigations

Operation Support Division
  • Receipt of matters to be analyzed
  • Tour guidance and education consultation
  • Budget and accounting management for the branch institute
  • Contract for equipment and materials for examination
  • Maintenance of buildings as well as environmental, electrical and mechanical facilities of the branch institute
  • Major business planning and service management

TEL : +82-42-866-4513 FAX : +82-42-862-8074

Forensic Medicine Division > Forensic Medicine Office
  • Identification of cause of death (Autopsy) and postmortem inspection, site investigation
  • Confirmation of identity in major disasters
  • Questions on autopsy and forensic science
  • Examination on plankton and foods consumed
  • Histopathologic and biochemistry testing
  • Radiography

TEL : +82-42-866-4561 FAX : +82-42-862-4569

Forensic Medicine Division > DNA Analysis Office
  • Examination on biological evidence at crime scenes of murder, robbery, rape, theft, etc.
  • DNA analysis on semen, bloodstains, saliva, hair and other micro evidence
  • Search on cold cases and suspect DNA profile
  • Use of database for serial sexual assault cases
  • Development and application of population genetics research and new technology
  • Operation of “DNA investigation technique" club and opening of lectures

TEL : +82-42-866-4581

Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry > Drug Toxicology Office
  • Examination on common poisons and pesticides
  • Examination on medicines
  • Examination on herbal medicines
  • Examination on narcotics (methamphetamine, marijuana, etc.)
  • Examination on hallucinogenic hazardous chemicals (bond, butane, etc.)

TEL : +82-42-866-4611

Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry > Analytical Chemistry Office
  • Examination on blood alcohol concentration
  • Identification of illicit oils
  • Examination on flammable substances
  • Examination on various micro evidence such as paint, fibers, etc.
  • Analysis of environment-related substances such as chemicals, etc.
  • Chemical testing for harmful gases, etc.

TEL : +82-42-866-4631

Engineering Division
  • Analysis of destructive accidents such as tool marks, break marks, and impact marks
  • Traffic accident reconstruction (simulation) and analysis of various evidence
  • Interpretation of mechanical structure accidents such as vehicle defects

TEL : +82-42-866-4651


Jurisdiction Guide
+ Local Police Agency
+ Police Agency
Region (City, Province) Local Police Agency Police Agency
Daejeon Metropolitan City Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency Daejeon Jungbu Police Station, Daejeon Dongbu Police Station, Daejeon Seobu Police Station, Daejeon Dunsan Police Station, Daejeon Daedeok Police Station, Daejeon Yuseong Police Station
Chungnam Chungnam Police Agency Gongju Police Station, Geumsan Police Station, Nonsan Police Station, Dangjin Police Station, Boryeong Police Station, Buyeo Police Station, Seosan Police Station, Seocheon Police Station, Asan Police Station, Yesan Police Station, Cheonan Dongnam Police Station, Cheonan Seobuk Police Station, Cheongyang Police Station, Hongseong Police Station
Chungbuk Chungbuk Police Agency Goesan Police Station, Boeun Police Station, Yeongdong Police Station, Okcheon Police Station, Cheongju Sangdang Police Station, Cheongju Cheongwon Police Station, Cheongju Cheongnam Police Station, Cheongju Heungdeok Police Station, Jincheon Police Station
Sejong Special Autonomy City   Sejong Police Station
Gyeonggi   Anseong Police Station, Pyeongtaek Police Station
Jeonbuk   Muju Police Station
Gyeongnam   Hamyang Police Station (Autopsy)
Central Regional Headquarters Korea Coast Gua   Boryeong Coast Guard Station, Taean Coast Guard Station, Pyeongtaek Coast Guard Station