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About NFS

  • The NFS was

    established under the Ministry of Home Affairs on March 25, 1955, with the purpose of guaranteeing the basic rights of individuals and protecting lives and safety by solving criminal cases and arresting criminals through scientific analysis and research activities on the evidence of criminal investigation.

  • As society changes rapidly,

    the criminal aspect also takes a new form, and to solve such violent crimes, the past primitive methods of investigation have limitations in arresting criminals. Therefore, we must approach the cases through thorough investigation based on scientific evidence so that the cases can be identified accurately.

  • Our institute is

    an analytical research institute that has been involved in scientific investigations since our establishment. We have conducted analysis for various criminal investigations of public agencies including investigative agencies and courts at various levels, as well as police, prosecutors, and military agencies. Additionally, the NFS has contributed greatly to the scientification of investigation by performing experimental research and educational activities to secure scientific evidence.

  • In the future, our institute will

    enhance our scientific investigation capabilities by modernizing the analysis equipment, become an independent and impartial analysis agency by establishing the credibility and transparency of analysis through standardization of analysis techniques, and stand as a global analytical research institute by acquiring certification from the global accreditation agency for analysis.