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About NFS

"Global Professional Forensic Science Organization Realizing Social Justice"
  • Securing a Sustainable Growth Engine for Scientific Investigation
  • Creation of High-Quality Analysis Foundation
  • Building a Customer-Oriented Service System
  • Leading Global
    Forensic Science

Leading scientific investigations as the best appraisal institute and contributing to the development of forensic science and the realization of a society of justice


Science Sheds Light On The Truth


  • 01The NFS is a research institute where criminal investigations are conducted on evidence collected at crime scenes by forensic medicine and forensic scientific analysis. The NFS performs forensic medicine/forensic science research and analysis-related training on scientific interpretations and analysis for all evidence related to criminal investigations and accidents.
  • 02Considering the fact that crime is becoming more intelligent, high-tech, and advanced, the NFS is making every effort to secure the trust of people through high-level analysis and is establishing a scientific investigation system focusing on physical evidence by obtaining more accurate analysis results by strengthening the competence of scientific investigation (e.g., development of new analysis techniques based on police identification and organic business cooperation).
  • 03In order to become a globally-accredited analysis agency in the 21st century, the NFS has been promoting the acquisition of accreditation from a global accreditation agency and strengthening research and cooperation with domestic and international related organizations. To secure transparency of analysis, the entire process from receiving an analysis report to dispatch is made online. All employees work hard to solve crime incidents quickly by operating on-site analysis teams, through which examiners are immediately put on the scene to promptly derive the analysis result in the event of a major incident, and to build a welfare society free of crime.

Four core shared by all employees of NFS

  • Sense of Mission

    We maintain honor and dignity as public officials, keep our conscience as scientists, and always pursue truth in all things.

  • Professionalism

    We aim to become the best in the world by cultivating our expertise and technology with global competitiveness.

  • Credibility

    We provide the best quality and differentiated analysis service with the highest priority placed on trust with people.

  • Teamwork

    We cultivate human resources and collect the power of members to create better value.