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The NFS has developed the Certified Reference Material, which enables accurate measurement of methamphetamine and amphetamines (Philopon) in the hair of drug users and has been designated as “International Reference Material Production Center” by KOLAS on April 11, 2011.

  • Grand classification : 1. Chemical composition
  • Middle classification : 111. Clinical & Biochemical material
  • Small classification : 07. Forensic medicine index material
CRM code Classification Range (ng/mg) Expanded Uncertainty
(Confidence Interval about 95%, k=2)
Use Standard
NFS®RPM-MA -2014-001 Methamphetamine in hair 1 ~ 10 8.8% NISI-QI-NM-03:2007 (NFS test method based on the UNDCP method)
Amphetamine in hair 0.1 ~ 1 15.1%
What is a reference material?

Reference material refers to a substance that is used in narcotics testing, quality control & testing method development and calibration of analytical equipment, which guarantees the reliability of the test results, and is the basis of equality judgment internationally