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National Forensic Service Seoul Institute

[08036] 139, Jiyang-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea +82-2-2600-4600

Welcome to the National Forensic Service Seoul Institute. The Seoul Institute was established on November 18, 2013 in order to protect lives and safety by preventing crimes and solving social issues through various research and education for scientific investigations necessary for criminal investigations and identification of the cause of incidents and accidents in Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi Province (except Yongin, Gwangju, Anseong, Icheon, Yeoju, Gapyeong and Yangpyeong).

Organization Chart
Organization: 5 divisions / capacity 81 persons (currently 78 persons)
Research Director
  • Operation Support
  • Forensic Examination
  • DNA Analysis
  • Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry
  • Engineering
Business Information

Examinations and interpretations necessary for criminal investigations and identification of the cause of incidents and accidents, as well as engage in various research, analysis and training for scientific criminal investigations

Operation Support Division
  • Major business planning, personnel, service management and general affairs, welfare
  • Budget, accounting, settlement, and maintenance of environment of government facilities
  • Computerized information management and examination data collection and management

TEL : +82-2-2600-4711 FAX : +82-2-2600-4729

Forensic Examination Division
  • Forensic autopsy and postmortem inspection support, medical work for postmortem application on the human body
  • Issues concerning forensic medicine-related education, training, and field trips
  • Mass deaths management

TEL : +82-2-2600-4811 FAX : +82-2-2600-4828

DNA Analysis Division
  • Examination on urgent cases
  • Analysis of DNA and sexual assaults

TEL : +82-2-2600-4871 FAX : +82-2-2600-4889

Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry
  • Tasks on drugs such as examinations on narcotics, marijuana, and antipsychotic drugs
  • Tasks on poisonous drugs such as examinations on toxicity and metabolism of poisonous drugs in biological samples
  • Forensic chemistry tasks such as examinations on micro materials including fibers and pigments in biological samples

TEL : +82-2-2600-4915 FAX : +82-2-2600-4919

Engineering Division
  • - Forensic safety tasks such as physical tests, including nondestructive testing, and morphological analysis
  • Analysis for traffic accidents, such as examinations on accident interpretations (e.g., vehicle defects, collision speed, etc.)

TEL : +82-2-2600-4992 FAX : +82-2-2600-4999


Jurisdiction Guide
Seoul + Incheon + ( Gyeonggi -
Yongin Icheon Gwangju
Yeoju Anseong Gapyeong & Yangpyeong

Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi (except Yongin, Gwangju, Anseong, Icheon, Yeoju, Gapyeong and Yangpyeong)