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Research & Education

Forensic Science Human Resource Development Project with NFS

The Scientific Investigation Experience Class is a program developed to provide students with a chance to easily experience and understand some of NFS’s representative analysis tasks in order to expand the basics of forensic science and to discover excellent young talents in forensic science. The program has been continued since 2010, and the NFS is developing additional programs to provide various experience for students.

Experience Class Program Composition

Program Time Description
Orientation & Introduction of NFS Services 30 min * Safety education and introduction of NFS services
Identification of criminals using biological evidence 40 min * Detection of bloodstain & saliva and DNA observation using a variable light source system and reagents
Appraisal of falsification of bills using genuine bills 40 min * Observation of anti-forgery marks hidden in genuine bills with microscope and optical comparator
Identification of criminals using a face recognition program 40 min * Experience of Analysis Technique Program using facial characteristics such as outer orifice of an ear, spots, etc.
Polygraph Test Experience (Psychophysiology test) 30 min * Finding clues of a crime by physiological reactions such as blood pressure and pulse of a person

※ Program schedules are subject to change depending on the situation.


  • Middle school students who have a great interest in scientific investigations and forensic science (about 30 per session)

Operating Period

  • The program is operated during the first semester (March to June) and the second semester (September to November) (every Wednesday morning)