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National Forensic Service Gwangju Institute

[57231] 687, Chukryeong-ro, Seosam-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea +82-61-399-3600

Welcome to the National Forensic Service Gwangju Institute. The Gwangju Institute was established on June 27, 1997 in order to protect lives and safety by preventing crimes and solving social unrest through various research and education for examinations necessary for criminal investigations, identification of the cause of incidents and accidents and scientific investigation in the Honam area. It is responding to changing crime patterns by building a rapid analysis system.

Organization Chart
Organization: 4 divisions 5 offices / capacity 31 persons
Research Director
  • Operation Support
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry
  • Engineering
Business Information

Examinations and interpretations necessary for criminal investigations and identification of the cause of incidents and accidents, as well as engage in various research, analysis and training for scientific criminal investigations

Operation Support Division
  • Receipt of matters to be analyzed
  • Tour guidance, education, etc.
  • Budget and accounting management for the branch institute
  • Major business planning and service management
  • Maintenance of buildings as well as environmental, electrical, telecommunications, computing and mechanical facilities of the branch institute

TEL : 061-399-3611 FAX : 061-393-8444

Forensic Medicine Division > Forensic Medicine Office
  • Forensic autopsy and postmortem inspection
  • Various forensic examinations and research
  • Examination on plankton and foods consumed - Analysis tasks such as histopathologic testing and clinical chemistry testing, etc.

TEL : 061-399-3711 FAX : 061-393-8444

Forensic Medicine Division > DNA Analysis Office
  • Personal identification through DNA analysis on bloodstains and blood in cases involving murder, assault, etc.
  • Personal identification through DNA analysis on semen, vaginal fluid, panties, etc. in cases involving sexual violence
  • Personal identification through DNA analysis on cigarette butts, stamps, saliva, etc., collected from theft and various incidents
  • Other DNA analysis for trace DNA samples from gloves, clothing, mask, hair, etc.
  • Database input and search for the DNA profile obtained at crime scenes

TEL : 061-399-3630 FAX : 061-393-8444

Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry > Drug Toxicology Office
  • Analysis and research on general poisons, volatile poisons, pesticides, and rodenticides
  • Analysis and research on narcotics, marijuana and psychotropic drugs
  • Analysis and research on toxicity of drugs and unregulated drug abuse
  • Analysis and research on illicit drugs, anesthetics, sleeping pills and herbal medicines

TEL : 061-399-3660 FAX : 061-393-8444

Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry > Analytical Chemistry Office
  • Examination on various micro evidence such as paint, fibers, etc.
  • Examination on blood alcohol concentration and presence of alcohol
  • Analysis on flammable substances and volatile organic solvents
  • Analysis on components of chemicals and environmental substances.
  • Analysis on gases such as carbon monoxide, oxygen deficiency, etc.

TEL : 061-399-3670 FAX : 061-393-8444

Engineering Division
  • Examination on fires and explosions
    • Fire and explosion site investigation : Identification of the original point of ignition and cause of fires and explosions
    • Examination on evidence related to fires and explosions : Identification of the cause of fires and explosions
  • Examination on safety accidents
    • Site investigation for safety accidents such as falls, etc.: Identification of the cause of accidents
    • Examination on safety accident sites and related evidence such as mechanical structures : dentification of the cause of accidents and defects
  • Examination on traces such as tool marks, etc.
    • Examination on marks formed on a cutting tool and evidence : Identification of the type of tool, coidentity, etc.
    • Examination on the marks left on evidence : Identification of presence of impact, destruction interpretation, etc.
  • Examination on traffic accidents
    • Traffic accident site investigation : Identification of the cause of accidents and speed, accident reconstruction, driver identification, etc.
    • Examination on accident-related vehicles, clothing, on-site lost articles, etc. : Identification of the cause of accidents, presence of defects, presence of impact, driver identification, etc.

TEL : 061-399-3741 FAX : 061-393-8444


Jurisdiction Guide
+ Local Police Agency
+ Police Agency
+ Coast Guard
+ Others
Region (City, Province) Local Police Agency Police Agency Coast Guard Others
Gwangju Metropolitan City Gwangju Metropolitan Police Agency Gwangju Dongbu, Gwangju Seobu, Gwangju Nambu, Gwangju Bukbu, Gwangju Gwangsan - District courts and investigative agencies including courts, prosecutors, military, etc.
Jeonnam Jeonnam Police Agency Mokpo, Yeosu, Suncheon, Naju, Gwangyang Goheung, Haenam, Jangheung, Boseong, Yeonggwang, Hwasun, Hampyeong, Yeongam, Jangseong, Gangjin, Damyang, Gokseong, Wando, Muan, Jindo, Gurye Mokpo, Yeosu, Wando
Jeonbuk Jeonbuk Police Agency Jeonju Wansan, Jeonju Deokjin, Gunsan, Iksan, Jeongeup, Namwon, Kimje, Wanju, Gochang, Buan, Imsil, Sunchang, Jinan, Jangsu Gunsan