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Our Vision

Reliable NFS with the leadership in scientific investigation


Reliable NFS with the leadership in scientific investigation


  • Integrity

  • Accuracy

  • Fairness

  • Promptness

Core Values


A reliable institute through speedy and accurate analysis


Globally renowned research center with consistent research work and challenge

Realization of a just society

Justice in society through scientific examinations for truth

Examiner's Code of Ethics

The mission of the examiners in NFS is the realization of social justice through scientific examinations for truth. With noble pride and enthusiasm and to meet citizen's expectations and trust, we stand and resolve that.

One - We follow the scientific truth only
One - In our work, we keep the dignity befitting to an government official and have a clear conscience as a scientist.
One - We perform the analysis work with honesty and candor and reject any internal or external intervention.
One - We respect our colleague examiners and work hand-in-hand.
One - As the leader of the scientific investigation, we endeavor to build the best scientific analysis infrastructure.
One - We provide accurate and speedy analysis to customers with a kind heart.