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Forensic DNA Division

- Analyze violent crime, car accident and sex crime scene evidence/Contrastive analyze of Arrestee Suspect’s DNA profiles
- Identification of unidentified body and Performing Forensic microbial related work
- DNA Database management
- Confirming family relationship of missing children, independence patriots’ descendant


Forensic Toxicology Division

- The analysis and research on drugs toxicants and toxins in the samples derived from    autopsy and criminal case associated with them
- The analysis and research on harmful or insanitary foods
- The analysis and research on narcotics : providing scientific evidences related to of    illicit drugs and identification of new psychoactive substances


Forensic Chemistry division - Chemical Profiling using stable isotopes and trace elements
- Trace material analysis such as fiber, resin, soil, hair, glass, paint etc
- Blood alcohol analysis of drunken drivers and autopsy specimen
- Flammables from arson and solvents
- Hazardous materials including strong acids, bases, heavy metals and chemicals


Forensic Safety Division - The investigation and research on the Safety accident
- The investigation on the cause of disaster
- The investigation and research on the Fire and Explosion
- The investigation and research on the Mark, Firearms and Blood patterns


Digital Technology and Biometry Division

- Analysis of Multimedia Data Interpretation and improvement of image, video data,    Detection of forged multimedia data
- Analysis of Digital Evidence Analysis, recovery and retrieval of information in digital    devices such as mobile phones, hard disks and flash memories
- Identification of Bio-Data 2D/3D measurement, modelling, analysis and identity    recognition of bio-informatics such as face, height
- Voice Identification, Audio Media Authentication, Audio Media Enhancement,Modulated    Sound Reconstruction,SoundAnalysisthrough Phoneticaland Acoustical Investigation
- Analysis of Questioned Document Analysis and identity recognition of    handwritings    and stamps, Detection of forged document and counterfeiting currency


Traffic Accident Analysis Division

- Reconstruction simulation for vehicle accidents, and detecting the defects of vehicles
- Identifying of the suspect vehicle from the hit-and-run traffic accident, and a license    plate of the hit-and-run vehicle


Psychological Forensic Division - P-Psychophysiological detection of deception
- Concealed information test using by EEG
- Statement validity analysis
- Psychological assessment on personality, intelligence, cognition and emotion
  to assist legal judgement
Medical Examiner’s office - Autopsy, postmortem inspection, forensic pathology, forensic odontology
- Forensic medical practice, forensic medical research, decision of cause of death
General Service Division - Business Plean, Human affairs, ServiceManagement
- Ordinary general affairs, Benefit, Budget, Accounting
- ClosingAccount, Building Manager, Maintenance


Research Planning and Coordination Division

- Planning, Organization, Budget, Informatization
- To cordinate and organize of NFS R&D projects
- Quality management(KOLAS)