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Message from the Director General

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“Welcome to the Homepage of the National Forensic Service.”

The National Forensic Service (NFS) provides prompt and accurate analysis of evidences in the field of scientific crime detection such as forensic medicine, forensic science,natural science and engineering, and gene identification. NFS also presents criminal evidence through scientific investigation in order to preserve public order and protect civil rights.
NFS will strive to take prompt actions against intellectual and serious crimes based on our extensive experiences in forensic investigations.
NFS will make ceaseless efforts to utilize latest equipments, introduce new investigation methods and conduct continuous research to become the world’s leading forensic institution that is trusted by the people.
Under the slogans, “The power of science in determining truth” and “Protecting the people and helping to make right decisions”, I ask for your continued support in our efforts to realize a safe society. I sincerely hope that this website will enhance your understanding on Korea’s scientific investigation. Thank You.