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Major Achievements

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  • Uplifting the evaluation reliablilty

    Designated by UNDOC as a global drug test laboratory (2001)

    Acquired KOLAS(Korea Laboratory Accreditation Schime) licenses (2004)

    Designated as the skill testing agency in the field of forensic science (2009)

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  • Construction of international scientific investigation network

    Made a firm foundation for international cooperation by exchanging MOUs with foreign forensic science research institutes

    Pursuing joint researched and technical tie-ups with forward countries including Netherlands and Switzerland

    Teamed up with the Ministry of Social Welfare of Japan on narcotics ISS operation

    Transmitted science investigation knowhow to developing countries including Malaysia and Vietnam

    Exchanging technologies and presenting papers in international science conferences

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  • Research and development of investigation technologies

    Developed and distributed video evidence analysis system (2009.1)

    Constructed narcotics pre-test report system and narcotics profiling system (2006~2009)

    Patented or patent applied NFS's own research outputs

    Developed cavity measuring device and method for lie detection purpose (2009.6)
    Developed forged stamp print decoding method (2009.4)
    Designed evidence collection/analysis bag (2008.9)
    Registered DNA survey program (2007)
    Developed CCTV's distored image compensation device/method and recording medium as well as reference point set up device (2006.12)
    Developed blood collecting container (2005.8)
    Becoming a world class DNA survey/research institute

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  • Training to create future value

    Planning to be the designated scientific investigation training agency

    Set up curriculum to enlarge scientific investigation base

    Providing sector based professional training courses

    Cooperation with universities and educational institutions to cultivate talented professionals

    In-depth training and education to uplift the investigation capability.